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Gimp suitTouch here for more
Gimp suit
Only £22.99
  • Stag Gimp suit
  • Get the gimp suit on and literally drag your stag along the road, this total humiliation outfit will...

RoosterTouch here for more
Only £13.93
  • Stag Rooster
  • So who's the chicken, see what your stag is made of with this ridiculous chicken suit, he will never...

StripperTouch here for more
Only £18.99
  • Stag Stripper
  • No stag do is complete without a stripper, now nobody said who the stripper should be so why not make...

Bridal gownTouch here for more
Bridal gown
Only £18.49
  • Stag Bridal gown
  • Here comes the bride, wait hang on is that the bride or the groom, humiliate your stag by making him...

Sexy sailorTouch here for more
Sexy sailor
Only £14.99
  • Stag Sexy sailor
  • Hello sailor, why not get your whole team dressed up like sexy sailors, maybe even have cheeky names...

Wet T-Shirt WinnerTouch here for more
Wet T-Shirt Winner
Only £17.99
  • Stag Wet T-Shirt Winner
  • Some stags were naturally born hens at heart, get them to show off their curves with this crazy wet...

Floral Baby costumeTouch here for more
Floral Baby costume
Only £29.49
  • Stag Floral Baby costume
  • We all know that all stags are big babies, panicking about everything, moaning, compalining about...

Dick head maskTouch here for more
Dick head mask
Only £7.98
  • Stag Dick head mask
  • There isnt much else we can say about this costume however if your stag is a dick head then what more...

Rocky Horror ShowTouch here for more
Rocky Horror Show
Only £39.49
  • Stag Rocky Horror Show
  • Drag show costumes are all the rage, no stag would ever forget you if you dressed him in this outrageous...

CheerleaderTouch here for more
Only £11.75
  • Stag Cheerleader
  • Hilarious cheer leaders outfit complete with pom pom's, get you team all dressed up together and even...

Whoopie CushionTouch here for more
Whoopie Cushion
Only £17.68
  • Stag Whoopie Cushion
  • If your stag deserves to be humiliated then lets be honest dressing him up as a fart cushion has got...

Hen party gamesTouch here for more
Hen party games
Only £4.99
  • Hen Hen party games
  • The perfect hen weekend or party wouldnt be complete without some dirty, funny and silly games to...

Pussy Patrol T-shirtTouch here for more
Pussy Patrol T-shirt
Only £8.00
  • Stag Pussy Patrol T-shirt
  • The ultimate pussay patrol stag weekend tshirt and costume, get all the accessories your group...

MankiniTouch here for more
Only £2.19
  • Stag Mankini
  • We all know that no stag weekend is complete without total humiliation for your stag, and there is...

Funky Hawaiian shirtTouch here for more
Funky Hawaiian shirt
Only £10.85
  • Stag Funky Hawaiian shirt
  • The best, ugliest, ridiculous, humiliating, brilliant and embarrassing stag do and weekend shirts,...

do cardsTouch here for more
do cards
Only £4.10
  • Stag do cards
  • Say it with a smile, or just say it rudely, the choice is yours, personalised stag do cards, egt those...

Checklist T-ShirtTouch here for more
Checklist T-Shirt
Only £14.95
  • Stag Checklist T-Shirt
  • From party mission stag tops to funny stag do t-shirts and costumes, no matter what you are looking...

dos and SpeechesTouch here for more
dos and Speeches
Only £7.99
  • Stag dos and Speeches
  • Your the best man, but do you have the speech? This is the perfect guide to delivering the best speech...

Ball & Chain CostumeTouch here for more
Ball & Chain Costume
Only £3.20
  • Stag Ball & Chain Costume
  • We have all heard the jokes, now get the real thing, this inflateable fancy dress stag and hen ball...

Back to The EightiesTouch here for more
Back to The Eighties
Only £9.99
  • Stag Back to The Eighties
  • Get this crazy 80s theme t shirt for your stag weekend, this retro outfit will let your group stand...

The StagTouch here for more
The Stag
Only £9.99
  • Stag The Stag
  • A hilarous story of 8 blokes from Yorkshire who go on the dirtiest, rudest stag weekend possible....


Online stag & hen gift shop

So you have decided on where you're going, you have booked the flight, you have even booked the hotel and managed to secure some tickets for the Albufeira Boat Party but seriously, how can any stag or hen weekend be complete without a stupid, funny, crazy costume, an embarrassing gift or a printed t-shirt with your names on the back.

The Portugal Rocks stag and hen gift shop and online merchandise store have literally everything you could ever need for your weekend or do, anywhere in the world. From books on speeches and practical jokes to all manner of t-shirt styles, with or without printing. We also have costumes, funny outfits, jokes, pranks and sexy things for those special hen dos.

Every stag or hen party has certain expectations, for a start would a stag do be complete without a stripper, no way! Would a hen do be complete without bottles of Champagne or Prosecco, not a chance! Then there are the accessories, fancy dress requirements, funny speeches, pranks, and practical jokes to play on the stag or hen and of course not forgetting the presents and games.

At Portugal Rocks we have been providing stag, hen, group, birthday and anniversary parties, weekends and dos since 2010, we understand what you need for the perfect weekend away and have stocked our store so you have the best choice of merchandise possible.

We have broken the shop down into various categories so you can find exactly what you're looking for or get inspiration to give your stag or hen the surprise they deserve

  1. Fancy Dress

    No party is complete without a costume, we have a wide range of costumes that you can choose from or you can contact us and request a certain special costume to be ordered that we can deliver to you once you arrive in Portugal. It doesn't matter if you want to be sailors, soldiers, the a-team or just get a giant dick outfit for your stag to humiliate him, we got it all.

  2. Stag or hen t-shirt printing

    Wanna get your team all named

  3. Ideas and advice

    We got a range of books that tel, you everything you need to know

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