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Stag costumes and fancy dress.

No stag weekend is complete without having your stag or your whole team dressed to impress with matching themed stag costumes. Regardless of where your travelling in the world, from Bristol, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Bournemouth, Newcastle, Manchester, London, York, Liverpool, Birmingham, Algarve, Budapest, Lisbon, Spain or anywhere in the world, we have your costume covered.

Costume styles and fancy dress ideas

You may decide your stag wants (or needs) something really offensive and humiliating, if so dont worry we have a great range of costumes from whoopie cushions to drag cheerleaders and dickhead masks to baby outfits, that will embarrass your stag beyond belief.

The stag party costume has become almost as important as drinking and a stripper, no real stag weekend would take place without at least a t-shirt with funny names on the back. The thing now is that the costume or fancy dress competition has grown into almost championship proportions. Many of the top stag and hen companies across Europe frequntly write blogs about the "top 10 stag costumes" or "the best stag costumes of 2019", we have gone one better and we actually provide those contumes directly for sale from Amazon UK

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