Best Boat Party costumes in 2019!

Albufeira is well known about crazy stag and hen parties, so we have seen every type of group here. You can't go on a stag do and not dress in something embarrassing or humiliating. Same for girls just they prefer something trendy or fancy. First, you need to decide which topic or themes you choose to go with.

If you are looking for stag/hen costume ideas for the next party, you should check out the best ones at Portugal Rocks Boat Party in 2019. This year we had more than ?? people in our boat parties. So we have checked every crazy or funny idea for guys and fancy and trendy ones for girls as well. 

Best Boat Party costumes in 2019!

Hen do fancy dress ideas

Hen groups are prefer something silly but still sexy costumes. Of course, all the attention needs to be on the bride with a fantastic dress so choose smart. This year it was popular to wear black long dresses with flowers with shiny makeup or face paintings. There were a lot of girls who prefered gold tattoos too. It is trendy every summer. There were many sailing related costume ideas, from Baywatch to cheerleaders. Our favourite hen one was the group of sexy policewomen this year. Absolutely stunning! 

Best Boat Party costumes in 2019!

Stag do crazy costumes

There were many crazy and funny ideas from Flinstones to Baywatch lifeguard or penis costume, we have seen everything. The craziest this year was a gimp costume. Sometimes a penis costume just isn`t enough humiliation for your best mate in his stag night so you need to find something crazier. Wearing a ridiculously silly outfit is a must in any stag do. A hilarious collection of outfit ideas you can find on our youtube channel. Check it out!

Are you ready for your stag or hen do? Have you already decided what are you wearing at the next boat party?