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Faro to Albufeira Airport Transfers

Choosing the right company to transport you and your group from Faro airport to Albufeira is a quite a difficult job on its own, let along trying to organise all the other activities, hotel, accommodation, villa or apartment, let Portugal Rocks not only organise your Albufeira airport transfer from Faro, but our unique service also means we can take care of all your other wants and needs by offering you a full holiday package and lowering the price on your booking.

When you are booking an airport transfer it is important to remember various points that will ultimately be the first part of your holiday after coming through the arrivals hall, and if it goes wrong it can cast a shadow over the whole of your holiday, however if it goes right it can set you and your group up for the best weekend of their lives.

Whats important when choosing your transfer

Probably the first thing to remember is that the cost of a taxi from Faro to Albufeira is never a fixed rate, drivers will take different routes, some down the motorway others along the EN 125. This normally results in prices varying from €45, if your lucky, to €65 and late at night or on a bank holiday (Portugal has lots of public holidays and you will never know if your arriving on one or not) it can be even more. Also remember a taxi will 4 people so if there are 8 of you the price above is doubled and thats just one way.

Secondly the journey, if the driver is sticking to the speed limit and driving safely, should take around 40 mins and is approximately 45 kms. So be aware of companies offering transfer very cheap (like €10 or €15) as you will not be on a private coach and you will be joining the many shuttle services that run from the airport stopping at all hotels and resorts between the airport and Albufeira, these include Almanicil, Quarteira, Vilamoura, Faleisa, Olhos do Agua and finally Albufeira. We have know shuttle bus journeys to take 2.5 hours, so be aware.

The third thing to take into consideration is the size of your group, almost every single transfer coach are 8 seater minibuses, there are one or 2 exceptions, however 99.9% will be able to take 8 people maximum, there is no wavering on this if you are a group of 9 you will need 2 buses, the police patrol the airport and are very strict on transfer buses and wont hesitate to pull the mini-bus over even with you on board and as we said before if the transfer is bad, the rest of the day or even weekend can be ruined. So when you are booking take this into account, if you only have 9 in your group, you can invite another 7 friends to fill up the second bus, sorted.

So not only do Portugal Rocks take all of this into consideration when you are booking your Faro airport transfer, we can also add champagne or a case of beers to the bus to keep your team happy for the journey, all our staff are English speaking and you will be met in the arrivals hall by our drivers who will have a board with your name on. To find our drivers as you walk through the main arrivals hall after the baggage reclaim, directly in front of you there will be a group of drivers in yellow and blue t-shirts and shorts, these are our guys and if you dont see your name just ask any of them (they all speak English) and they will direct you and your group straight to your driver and bus. Some of our vehicles even have free wifi on board so you can keep up with all your social media banter during the drive to your hotel in Albufeira

Dont start you holiday off by taking a chance on a company who may or may not provide you with a fantastic start to your holiday let Portugal Rocks advise you on the best options and start your stag and hen weekend with the best Faro to Albufeira airport transfer money can buy.

One final thing, if your group is 8 or under and you want something extra special why not ask for availability on our Stretched Limo Airport Transfer (American Limousine), with drinks on board you can arrive in supreme style.

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